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Ecolow Fuel Saver Device

100% approved, patented and compliant with European CE, SEEE and RoHs standards.

The only non-intrusive “fuel saving” technology

It took us two years and extensive testing to create a unique fuel-saving technology that is non-intrusive and truly effective. Ecolow provides a solution for the road transport, maritime and construction industries, but also for companies using agricultural, forestry and special equipments.  

This unique technology adapts to all types of brands and fuels (diesel, gasoline, RNG) to reduce your fuel consumption and reduce the ecological impact of your activities.

The beginnings of the Ecolow device

The Ecolow Device is CE, SEEE and RoHS certified, mandatory certifications to approve the use of aftermarket accessories. We obtained these certifications after two years of extensive research, because our system is non-intrusive: no damage to engine components, no addition of additives, but a direct impact on the calorific value of the fuel used.

We transform your fuel into super fuel, its combustion is optimized, you gain in performance and reduce your pollution!

SET UP of the fuel saving system

Only an installer who has received adequate training from BDI SAS can carry out a good installation of our fuel saving system, in complete safety and in accordance with the recommendations of BDI SAS. If you are the end user, do not venture into the installation alone!

If despite this advice, you do it anyway, know that it is at your own risk, the company BDI SAS declines all responsibility in the event of damage caused to the installed machine, in particular a damaged filter outlet, a damaged pump inlet, a cut hose or electrical damage! You have been warned!

How does it work to reduce your fuel consumption?

The Ecolow device reduces your fuel consumption by acting directly at the molecular level. The calorific power of your fuel is optimized before combustion and mixing with air. How does it work? The system includes a coil that creates an electromagnetic field that transmits its frequency to the fuel. A pulse via electrical frequency powered from 6 to 48 volts. For the voltage, it is part of our international patent and remains confidential.


You will find the most frequent questions asked by our customers.

Does ECOLOW change the original manufacturer’s engine parts?

ECOLOW is an accessory that meets ESEE standards (Second Electrical and / or Electronic Equipment) and there is no intervention on the manufacturer’s original motor components (pump, ramp, etc …). There is no intervention and modification of the parameters of the manufacturer’s original computer and no addition of additives in the fuels. Thus your guarantee is preserved!

Which gear ECOLOW works on?

ECOLOW works on gear or engines that perform long hours of work and / or drive without interruption (minimum one hour). Engines must have a steady state (or at least as much as possible). Knowing that the more the engine and its power are solicited, the better the gain!

Is the installation of ECOLOW complex?

Ecolow was designed to be convenient and simple. It takes one hour for our technicians to complete the procedure. However, we have developed specific processes and our experts are trained to do this. If you install the ECOLOW device yourself, you must know all the subtleties. Without precise training by one of our technicians, you take a huge risk of having no gain and being disappointed and you will lose the warranty.

What is the working life of our fuel economizer?

The working life of our fuel saver is unlimited.  Our objective is to have a clear impact on the carbon footprint of the different sectors for which we are actively involved, such as road transport for example. But, also, to reduce your operating costs. Our device has an infinite working life, except in case of alterations, and is interchangeable from one vehicle to another. In case of installation approved by our technicians, our guarantee covers you for 2 years.

On which fuel is the system most effective?

The system has proven its effectiveness on all types of fuel, whether diesel, gasoline or RNG, with fuel savings of up to 7% in the road transport sector and up to 20% in certain sectors, such as agricultural and forestry machines, which give better results because they use machines with enormous power and run at constant speed. The increase in the price of RNG in recent years makes the device even more profitable for them.

How is our technology reliable and different from other fuel savers?

In summary, companies in the fuel saver industry that promise savings by modifying engine parts or changing ECU settings have all made a mistake by focusing solely on these aspects. This voids the manufacturer’s warranty, and worse, in case of an accident, insurance will not cover the damage.

Of course, we encourage any actor working to actively reduce pollution and lower fuel costs to continue. However, after many inefficient systems, it took us years to rid the market of this reputation. Test after test, we have designed a truly effective product, now approved by all our satisfied customers.

Where is made the ECOLOW Device?

ECOLOW is made in France. It is in the East of France that ECOLOW is assembled, verified and tested one by one to ensure its reliability and efficiency of use.


Satisfied customers

Tons of carbon emissions avoided

Days of research

If an engine manufacturer were to blame ECOLOW® and the damage is proven, the contract GAN No. 131528278 covers the manufacturer TCS for € 3,533,621 in Europe and per claim. Otherwise, TCS the manufacturer will be obliged to claim damages from the manufacturer for commercial damage in the 152 patented countries.